Our Play Space


For years, we had joked that when we got a house, we would put in a sex dungeon. For years, our naughty play had been confined to the bedroom. When we got this house with its spacious guest room, we chickened out and turned the room into a library/gym/guest room. But later, we realized our bedroom had an awful lot of space in it, and we still had all this gear in hiding.


Most of it was in captains drawers under our platform bed, so when we got a new adjustable bed, suddenly we had to find a new place to put everything. We found a really nice book shelf system and set it up. At first, we figured on hiding our toys in boxes and such, but we quickly decided to instead display our stuff. A couple colored accent light systems and some imagination later, it became the centerpiece for what would become our play space.

Decisions, Decisions…

Slowly, we unpacked some equipment and set it up. And we left it set up! Then we realized that we really wanted to put up our sex swing, but that needs a lot of pipe and stuff. So, we built a suspension frame right into the ceiling. Then we added some decorative touches, organized our accessories, and suddenly we have a fairly well stocked dungeon in our house.



Spanking Horse:

The center of the floor is a spanking horse custom-made by a local supplier of club furniture. The fixed center bench is flanked by two adjustable full-arms (for bending over), or by four adjustable elbow/knee pads (for riding). There are also several mounting points to assist in binding.


Suspension Points:

A pair of custom suspension points are hard-mounted to the ceiling over the center play space. A selection of chains, bars, swings, and swivels allow for a number of fun and exciting weight-bearing combinations. The points can also be used with the horse or spreader bars to help keep things vertically aligned.

Bars and Frames:

There are several fixed and adjustable spreader bars that can be used with almost any type of cuff (including thigh cuffs). They range from fancy leather-wrapped bars to home-made doggy frames. There is even an adjustable stock bar, in case you are flexible!


Toy Chest:

The centerpiece of the play space is the 6’x6’ toy chest, which displays our complete collection of toys, including bondage gear, insertables, massage equipment, masks, and even instruction books in case you need a refresher.


Lube Cabinet:

The lube cabinet is the one-stop place for everything slippery, from oils to gels to flavored options. All our lubes are water-based (no silicon, to protect the toys). To make sure the lube gets where it needs to go, we also have spikes and disposable lube-shooters.

Safety Cabinet:

Of course, we are all about safe play, which is why the safety cabinet has a selection of condoms (Magnum, Lifestyles, and flavored varieties), dental dams, and latex gloves.


The Bed:

Finally, what play space is complete without a large soft area on which to bounce? Our bed is a fully adjustable split-king, and can be made softer or firmer on demand. The adjustable frame also allows for a number of position options at the touch of a button, without having to resort to pillow-stacking. It even has a vibrate function! The bed is also wired for sound, so bring your mp3s on a USB stick and plug in.