Pansexual And Queer Are Not Superior to Bisexual

This is not going to be popular, and may even be deemed offensive by some. I am not trying to insult or be incendiary. That said, this is genuinely my opinion.

I think that the common, modern uses of the terms “pansexual” and “queer” are often employed to solve a problem that does not exist: that “bisexual” is too limiting. Some argue that the “bi” in “bisexual” means that a bisexual person can only be attracted to men and to women, not to more fluid dynamics.

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Hating Bisexuals

Huh. I just realized that hating bisexuals is an extension of misogyny and phallic worship.

“Exsqueeze me?” you ask incredulously. It may seem odd, but follow me for a moment. Please excuse the sweeping generalizations and crude stereotypes along the path.

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Flogging Class And Affirmations

SwingBot and I finally dragged ourselves to The CSPC on Saturday. We last tried over a year ago, planning to attend a rope bondage course. The drive there was so stressful, followed by our inability to find a parking spot (partially because the place was busy, but partially because we did not know what were legitimate spaces), that we gave up and simply drove back home. That wasted round trip took two to three hours.

With a commute like that, visiting The CSPC is not a light undertaking for people who dislike driving.

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