The size of phallus my body craves — or can take — sometimes varies. Apparently, sometimes, the best way to become stretchy and able to accept a lot of girth and length is to go without for a while, building up my sexual frustration.

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SwingBot: Hollow Date

In early December 2015, SwingBot went on an actual sex-might-happen date without me! The following is his description of what happened.

I travel for work, and recently I ended up in Austin, TX. While there, I went out on a date with a guy I know from the Internets (and when I say “a guy I know,” I mean “a guy who has sent me pics of his ginormous 23 year old cock”). It went… well, I didn’t get any, but I DID get to experience the life of a hot twenty-something by proxy!

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If I Left You

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day, hailed — and griped about — as the most romantic holiday of the year. Yesterday also marked my fourteenth “dating” anniversary with SwingBot (as opposed to our wedding anniversary). On this double-whammy of romantic days, what did we do?

SwingBot went on a weekend-long excursion somewhere a few hours away, while I stayed home alone. Not many people would call that arrangement very romantic, I suspect. Nor would they be charmed by the conversation I want to mention here.

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Some Posts to Come

Welcome, 2016! Yes, I know it has been a ridiculously long time since I last posted to this blog. Yes, the first month of 2016 is already more than half gone. Still, I am here now.

I have a few experiences I want to share. They are too much for one post, so I thought I would tell you want you can expect over the next few weeks.

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Express Curiosity

I was a shy child who grew up to be a shy adult. More than once, my mother pushed me to take some initiative. She encouraged me to do things like invite my friends for sleepovers, rather than only going to ones they invited me to.

As an adult, I now appreciate that shyness is a selfish luxury. The shy person stands around quietly, waiting to be noticed and approached by the braver person who is willing to adopt all the burden of interaction. How many opportunities have we shy people discarded by not being willing to look foolish or face rejection? While I recognize this, I still struggle with it.

Another criticism my mother had of me was my lack of curiosity. For most of my life, I found this a ridiculous complaint; I was considerate… not prying!

No. Decades later, I finally understand. Along with sometimes taking the initiative to engage someone, it is good to express interest in the other person! Ask questions. Encourage the other to take the conversational spotlight for a bit. Fortunately, I figured out this skill long ago, but did not realize that this was what she meant back then.

What finally made me understand were recent experiences with a couple different very nice men.

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A Better Crush, But Still…

Good News

SwingBot and KOH_HCl approve of the object of my latest crush… so much that SwingBot has teased me about cluing in said object about my crush.

Bad News

I have a new crush… on someone I already value as a friend… who would probably flee like a timid forest creature if he learned of this development.

Right. Time to make an effort to meet someone new.

Sweet Closure

As I recently noted, I had a close brush a very unhealthy relationship. More accurately, I actively sought what would have been a bad relationship with a man I call CollegeCrush. Even knowing he had become a people-user, even having no respect for his values, even no longer finding him particularly handsome, I felt addicted to him. Only he could extinguish the torch I carried for him.

Fortunately, he did.

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Flaming Is The New Closeted

Guest entry by SwingBot.

So, I have this side-job that I work on the weekends, in a field that is closely related to my primary hobby. Working this job pretty much IS my hobby, except now I get paid to do it. That’s pretty cool and all, but it does mean that I have co-workers who aren’t exactly in my inner circle of friends. Don’t get me wrong; they’re great guys! But they know nothing about this blog or my participation with any of the topics discussed herein. It’s not that it’s a secret, per se; it’s just that it’s not any of their business, and they would be… what’s the word? Oh, yeah, “horrified”… they’d be horrified to know that I’m not as straight-and-narrow as they are.

Which brings me to this amusing series of conversations last weekend!

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