SwingBot: A Guy Slips into The Booth…

SwingBot is the M half of this duet, who occasionally contributes inane guest-posts to this blog.

Yesterday, we met a guy. A guy who hangs out online looking for sex. Pervert, right? Well, he seems nice enough, and we have pictures, and we met in person for dinner. I didn’t see any prison tats and he was pleasant enough for a guy I had talked to about fucking me and my wife. Actually, I don’t recall most of the conversation, because I kept thinking that I was in a restaurant with a guy I met on the internet for the purpose of sex, and how last time I did that I wasted 8 years living with said guy (and never once having sex that didn’t involve a computer terminal).

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SwingBot: So You Want to Be A Hedonist?

SwingBot is the M half of this duet, who occasionally contributes inane guest-posts to this blog.

For years, I was pretty convinced I was gay. I had some male friends, some of whom spent a lot of time (and nights) on my couch. I fantasized, constantly, about them letting me suck them off for a while, before they flip me around and fuck me.

Actually, yeah, that is pretty gay, now that I write it out like that.

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Gardening for Sex

My sex drive is inextricably linked to my overall physical state, it seems. Back when I biked or walked everywhere I went, I had a high sex drive. In the past several years, I have walked relatively little and biked far less. I also have not worked out all that much; exercise is much easier for me to do when it is a part of what I do, not a separate task. In the past few years, as I have stayed fairly inactive overall, my sex drive has also decreased. Recently, I took up gardening and noticed that I feel good and feel horny again.

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Look, It’s A Blog Post!

Wowie zowie, it is a blog post! This is utterly thrilling for you, I know. Please control yourself.

Right, so we’ll see what sort of things I have to say in future posts. I know that you’ll wait with bated breath!