Swinging… But No Balls Touching

SwingBot and I are both bisexual. Some years ago, we openly discussed this and related topics, such as whether we would each have same-sex partners. We had broached the concept of a MMF threesome before. In fact, when we first started dating, SwingBot arranged a sort-of MFM threesome with a friend of his and me; the friend and I had sex while SwingBot watched us and touched me. We long ago agreed that we would like to try a MMF threesome again and neither of us really wanted a FFM threesome. However, trying threesomes was not a high priority until recently.

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SwingBot: Got to get down to swing town

SwingBot is the M half of this duet, who occasionally contributes inane guest-posts to this blog.

One of the things we looked at a lot were swing clubs. There’s a couple in the area, and some are obviously nicer than others. One looks like somebody’s basement, while another has oak lockers and a sprinkler system. They all seem to be variations of pillows, beds, and cushions scattered around on which to publicly gyrate. There are also smaller areas built right in with curtains, so you could slip inside with someone and then someone can slip inside.

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SwingBot: A Guy Slips into The Booth…

SwingBot is the M half of this duet, who occasionally contributes inane guest-posts to this blog.

Yesterday, we met a guy. A guy who hangs out online looking for sex. Pervert, right? Well, he seems nice enough, and we have pictures, and we met in person for dinner. I didn’t see any prison tats and he was pleasant enough for a guy I had talked to about fucking me and my wife. Actually, I don’t recall most of the conversation, because I kept thinking that I was in a restaurant with a guy I met on the internet for the purpose of sex, and how last time I did that I wasted 8 years living with said guy (and never once having sex that didn’t involve a computer terminal).

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