BG’s Perspective

Since play dates can run late and BG has a half-hour drive (after wearing himself out), we agreed that he sends a “home safe” message when he gets home. This morning, his “home safe” message surprised me with a write-up of last night. BG agreed to let me post it, and I thought his perspective to a play date would make an interesting entry. The following are his words:

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Recharging My Sense of Touch

Warning: This is very long. I probably should have split it into separate posts, but here it is, in all its wordy glory.

Two weeks ago, the planets aligned in such a way to tell me, “No sex for you!” I responded with frustration and two less-than-fulfilling masturbation sessions. Then SwingBot fucked me in the shower and got me excited again. Eagerness renewed, I tried masturbating again, and still found a lack of success. Then the next two nights were filled with success… for me, anyway.

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