Recharging My Sense of Touch

Warning: This is very long. I probably should have split it into separate posts, but here it is, in all its wordy glory.

Two weeks ago, the planets aligned in such a way to tell me, “No sex for you!” I responded with frustration and two less-than-fulfilling masturbation sessions. Then SwingBot fucked me in the shower and got me excited again. Eagerness renewed, I tried masturbating again, and still found a lack of success. Then the next two nights were filled with success… for me, anyway.

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More Than Genitals

Last week was fairly dry in terms of sex for us. BG was gone for the week, which meant no play date. I started suffering pain from my recent “simple procedure,” enough that I discussed options with the doctor, which included having the procedure reversed and redone with the more common alternative. Concerned for my pain, SwingBot and I agreed to ease up on sex in the mean time. My period started early that week, which generally keeps SwingBot at bay. Finally, as if to seal our lack of activity, SwingBot was not feeling well, suffering intense back pain at the start of the week and coupling that with flu-like symptoms by the weekend.

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Cherry Flavored Vanilla Sex

This blog has primarily focused on the new sexual experiences that we get from exploring swinging. Though SwingBot and I obviously have sex just between the two of us, I have not celebrated it here very often. I mention this because, when I told SwingBot that I planned to write about our weekend, he commented, “You don’t blog about sex with just us; people are going to think that we only ever have threesome sex.” So, here is the disclaimer: Yes, we two have sex that I do not document here.

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