The size of phallus my body craves — or can take — sometimes varies. Apparently, sometimes, the best way to become stretchy and able to accept a lot of girth and length is to go without for a while, building up my sexual frustration.

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Three Seconds Early

On Monday night, I went to SwingBot and snapped the blue collar around his neck. He stopped what he was doing and went to take a shower. During his shower, I made sure that I had ready access to most of the items that I felt I would want, and then slipped into a crotchless, black, lace body stocking with a low-cut neck. When he came into the bedroom, I greeted him by sitting him on the bed and applying a blindfold.

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Las Vegas Hotel Fantasy

This was originally composed in November 2011, but our brief travel recently and coming Las Vegas trip seem to make now a suitable time to post it.

This morning, lying in a strange bed with SwingBot, I envisioned that we were in a hotel bed in Las Vegas. The bed allowed us plenty of room… easily room for a third. So, I imagined one. As I reached out to touch SwingBot’s sleeping form, an imaginary BG pressed up against my back. He nestled his hardening cock between my butt cheeks and slipped his hand into the front of my panties. I ground back slightly in response while caressing SwingBot’s shoulder.

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