So Unfair

Last Monday, I bent SwingBot over the spanking sawhorse. I employed the flogger, which we know and trust, but also experimented with the cane (stings and thuds) and slapper crop (just stings). SwingBot prefers the thud sensation, but I did enjoy seeing his butt get pink from the stinging toys. They also seemed to enhance his sensitivity overall.

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Swingbot: PSA

SwingBot generously composed this last Sunday about his experience that Saturday night.

Swingbot here.

Regular readers of this blog (the ones that pay attention anyway) have probably figured out I’m something of a size queen. It used to be something of a running joke ’round these parts that my eyes were bigger than my ass, but after the “Balls Deep” post (about how I took the 10.5 insertable inches of equine-inspired dildo), any question about it has pretty much been put to rest.

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Balls Deep

Among our sex toys is a not-life-size horse penis dildo called the Equinox, made by Elypse Art. This toy’s insertable length is 10.5″, plus it has more length for the molded testicles and base. The circumference ranges from 4.5″ to 5″, and the toy’s tip is very flat. The toy is designed to provide a lot of length, and it succeeds. Since we cannot be bothered to remember its name regularly, SwingBot and I call it “The Horse Cock.” We typically refer to it more as a joke or teasing threat than as an actual option for sex toys… but it has been used a few times.

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Three Seconds Early

On Monday night, I went to SwingBot and snapped the blue collar around his neck. He stopped what he was doing and went to take a shower. During his shower, I made sure that I had ready access to most of the items that I felt I would want, and then slipped into a crotchless, black, lace body stocking with a low-cut neck. When he came into the bedroom, I greeted him by sitting him on the bed and applying a blindfold.

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Mind Reader

I woke Sunday morning with a clear vision for the evening’s plans in my head. With the bedroom dimly lit for mood and the bed made for sex, I would have SwingBot lie on his back, spread his legs, and let me play with his ass before I fucked it with a strap-on and stroked his cock with my hand. As I rose, I told myself that I should set everything up as I thought of it… and that a calendar reminder would not hurt, either. I have a bad habit of thinking in the morning of kinky evening plans, and forgetting by afternoon.

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SpareParts Joque Harness

Disclaimer: No one sent us this harness, financially supported Week Bi Week, or otherwise paid for this review.

Pegging is fun. SwingBot and I both enjoy when I fuck him with a toy. However, I do not do it nearly enough for either of us and, when I do get out a toy, I often just manipulate the toy with my hands. Now, I love to use my hands. I get to see SwingBot flat on his back, or bent over, and watch the work I do and his reactions. I get to stay in control, often even staying dressed, which gives me a special thrill. Still, being able to actually pound him, thrusting with my hips, is a lot of fun.

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Dead Vibrator

Due to crushing my finger on Tuesday, I did not masturbate last week. My hand was not fully functional (and still is not, though is much better) and my desire to get my blood racing was pretty much non-existent. I did not particularly notice the lack (probably something to do with pain and other preoccupations taking over) until SwingBot made me cum repeatedly on Friday night.

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