The size of phallus my body craves — or can take — sometimes varies. Apparently, sometimes, the best way to become stretchy and able to accept a lot of girth and length is to go without for a while, building up my sexual frustration.

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Sinnflut Reality Replacement

Regrettably, my Sinnflut Reality (by Fun Factory) really should be replaced. It still charges and provides different vibration levels and styles… when I can switch through them. I can still turn on the vibrator, but switching to the next level usually turns it off, and has for well over a year now. Managing to successfully bring the vibrator to the desired setting, rather than switch it off, is random and requires many tries. Fighting with a vibrator does not really encourage a sexy mood for masturbation, and I do not even bother including it for partner play anymore.

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So Unfair

Last Monday, I bent SwingBot over the spanking sawhorse. I employed the flogger, which we know and trust, but also experimented with the cane (stings and thuds) and slapper crop (just stings). SwingBot prefers the thud sensation, but I did enjoy seeing his butt get pink from the stinging toys. They also seemed to enhance his sensitivity overall.

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