Fantasy: With You Bound

Your arms are raised, shackled to the ceiling. You stand upright with your legs apart, immobilized by the spreader bar locked on your ankles. A blindfold covers your eyes and a bit-gag fills your mouth. Reins dangle down your back from the bit-gag, while a leash dangles down your front from the wide collar on your neck.

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Las Vegas Hotel Fantasy

This was originally composed in November 2011, but our brief travel recently and coming Las Vegas trip seem to make now a suitable time to post it.

This morning, lying in a strange bed with SwingBot, I envisioned that we were in a hotel bed in Las Vegas. The bed allowed us plenty of room… easily room for a third. So, I imagined one. As I reached out to touch SwingBot’s sleeping form, an imaginary BG pressed up against my back. He nestled his hardening cock between my butt cheeks and slipped his hand into the front of my panties. I ground back slightly in response while caressing SwingBot’s shoulder.

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Fantasy: Pleasure Bound

You look good, lying spread-eagle and face-up, your wrists and ankles bound in the leather cuffs that are bound to the bed and your neck bearing the leather collar. Much as I want to see the fear-tinged lust in your eyes, the blindfold suits you so well. You cannot see, of course, as my gaze sweeps over the rest of your body, which is naked save for those six bits of leather.

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Greedy Girl in Training

One concept that I learned about when I started researching swinging — particularly club activity — is that of the Greedy Girl. Greedy Girls have sex with multiple male partners, generally in the form of a gang bang or series of gang bangs. This is something that I readily accepted in theory, but doubted would be for me personally.

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