So Unfair

Last Monday, I bent SwingBot over the spanking sawhorse. I employed the flogger, which we know and trust, but also experimented with the cane (stings and thuds) and slapper crop (just stings). SwingBot prefers the thud sensation, but I did enjoy seeing his butt get pink from the stinging toys. They also seemed to enhance his sensitivity overall.

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Swingbot: PSA

SwingBot generously composed this last Sunday about his experience that Saturday night.

Swingbot here.

Regular readers of this blog (the ones that pay attention anyway) have probably figured out I’m something of a size queen. It used to be something of a running joke ’round these parts that my eyes were bigger than my ass, but after the “Balls Deep” post (about how I took the 10.5 insertable inches of equine-inspired dildo), any question about it has pretty much been put to rest.

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Recharging My Sense of Touch

Warning: This is very long. I probably should have split it into separate posts, but here it is, in all its wordy glory.

Two weeks ago, the planets aligned in such a way to tell me, “No sex for you!” I responded with frustration and two less-than-fulfilling masturbation sessions. Then SwingBot fucked me in the shower and got me excited again. Eagerness renewed, I tried masturbating again, and still found a lack of success. Then the next two nights were filled with success… for me, anyway.

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More Than Genitals

Last week was fairly dry in terms of sex for us. BG was gone for the week, which meant no play date. I started suffering pain from my recent “simple procedure,” enough that I discussed options with the doctor, which included having the procedure reversed and redone with the more common alternative. Concerned for my pain, SwingBot and I agreed to ease up on sex in the mean time. My period started early that week, which generally keeps SwingBot at bay. Finally, as if to seal our lack of activity, SwingBot was not feeling well, suffering intense back pain at the start of the week and coupling that with flu-like symptoms by the weekend.

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Greedy Girl in Training

One concept that I learned about when I started researching swinging — particularly club activity — is that of the Greedy Girl. Greedy Girls have sex with multiple male partners, generally in the form of a gang bang or series of gang bangs. This is something that I readily accepted in theory, but doubted would be for me personally.

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