So Unfair

Last Monday, I bent SwingBot over the spanking sawhorse. I employed the flogger, which we know and trust, but also experimented with the cane (stings and thuds) and slapper crop (just stings). SwingBot prefers the thud sensation, but I did enjoy seeing his butt get pink from the stinging toys. They also seemed to enhance his sensitivity overall.

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Swingbot: PSA

SwingBot generously composed this last Sunday about his experience that Saturday night.

Swingbot here.

Regular readers of this blog (the ones that pay attention anyway) have probably figured out I’m something of a size queen. It used to be something of a running joke ’round these parts that my eyes were bigger than my ass, but after the “Balls Deep” post (about how I took the 10.5 insertable inches of equine-inspired dildo), any question about it has pretty much been put to rest.

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Sick And Horny

I think that our bed is magic. Last spring or summer, SwingBot and I purchased a Sleep Number split-king bed and some accompanying bedding. I am not going to turn this into a big ad for Sleep Number (and no, I have not been paid or such by the company to mention them in my little blog), but the bed and the bedding are sooo nice.

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