Hating Bisexuals

Huh. I just realized that hating bisexuals is an extension of misogyny and phallic worship.

“Exsqueeze me?” you ask incredulously. It may seem odd, but follow me for a moment. Please excuse the sweeping generalizations and crude stereotypes along the path.

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Sexually Adventurous Disparity

I was listening to a podcast in which a husband said that he took his wife to a strip club to get a lap dance while she watched, and then tried to switch it so that she got the lap dance. She shot him down when he tried to make the switch. The wife was also on the podcast, and argued that it had been really early on in their experience, apparently having to defend her decision to block his intentions. Another man on the podcast noted that she should have been drunk or at least buzzed, so as to allow the bisexual experience. Overall, the tone was that the man was entitled to have the woman do something out of her comfort zone, without even consulting her first, and her inhibitions ruined his fun.

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Swinging… Bisexual Male, Please

*Note: These posts are weekly, often composed in advance, and so may not always reflect events in real time. SwingBot does post about events as they happen. Consequently, there may be discrepancies in the stages of our stories.*

As I previously mentioned, SwingBot and I are delicately toeing the wild waters of swinging. Our desires include getting him MM action, getting me FF action, and getting us both MMF action. We are open to other possibilities, but MMF encounters (that include MM action) and FF encounters are our core goals. Also, as I mentioned, for a “lifestyle community” that prides itself on being so open, it sure has a lot of closed doors. Many seem to want straight swapping or FFM activity while considering MM and MMF unnecessary evils.

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Swinging… But No Balls Touching

SwingBot and I are both bisexual. Some years ago, we openly discussed this and related topics, such as whether we would each have same-sex partners. We had broached the concept of a MMF threesome before. In fact, when we first started dating, SwingBot arranged a sort-of MFM threesome with a friend of his and me; the friend and I had sex while SwingBot watched us and touched me. We long ago agreed that we would like to try a MMF threesome again and neither of us really wanted a FFM threesome. However, trying threesomes was not a high priority until recently.

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