Bound Nude Sketch


References are for weenies and subs!

I am a domly Domme! I can bend anatomy and perspective to my will!

Well, I like the torso and butt, anyway. I knew I should have stopped with those.

Penis-Armed Winged Boobed Elf-Thing


I ought to be horribly ashamed.

Nearly four months ago, I promised to return in six weeks. Not only did I let that slide, but my only sign of life during that time was whining about losing a free service.

Worse, I finally come to you… with this ugly thing. What is it? It is what happens when a goofball asks an artist with an attitude for a silly illustration. For the record, the penises for arms were **not** my idea, nor was the full-frontal smiley face.

Domly Dom


When I sketched this, I may have been feeling a bit snide about the abundance of straight male Domly-Top-Lord-Dom-Master-Doms on FetLife with profile pictures in which they scowl.

No, I do not apologize for it.