Not Kinky

Wow, my definition of “kinky” needs recalibrating.

I have been increasingly busy and preoccupied with my fiction projects over recent years. Those have historically been “clean,” with little to no reference of sex or even sexuality. However, in recent years, I introduced concepts of polyamory and bisexuality and finally addressed the love life of the one homosexual character. (Yes, just one so far; the cast is small.)

Those portrayals still stayed “clean,” though. However, I also made a flat-out porn short story. It is canon, though not necessary to read for continuity, so those not interested can give it a miss. Anyway, in the porn, a female-male couple get interrupted mid-coitus by another male, who then joins them. Each male takes turns being the middle in Lucky Pierre.

Last night, I discussed my growing understanding of my characters’ sexualities. I said of that female character from the porn story, “She’s straight and isn’t kinky.” SwingBot was incredulous, and I was confused by his disbelief. Then he pointed out that she had (through depictions in stand-alone art and within the “clean” regular comic) fantasized about her two male romantic interests kissing each other and fantasized about those same romantic interests sharing her in a triad or at least V-relationship… plus the bisexual threesome they had.

So, apparently I no longer register threesomes as “kinky.”