Needless Fear of Dildos

As I mentioned last week, one of my current projects is drawing the pages for one of my porn comic scripts. While not a hearty consumer of porn myself, I pride myself that I write a pretty decent smut story. So, yes, all this focus on my porn story does translate into masturbation… for both SwingBot and me.

It translates into sex between the two of us, too. Last weekend was when I started sketching the rough layouts for the comic pages. With the script on our minds and (very, very rough) drawings of those scenes before us, SwingBot and I got horny. (Well, hornier, I suppose.) Early Saturday evening, we had sex, and SwingBot used two dildos — one of moderate size, but one somewhat larger — on me both after and before again fucking me with his own cock.

A few hours later, while SwingBot was otherwise busy, I still felt aroused enough to “rub one out.” My masturbation sessions are extremely routine, using the same insertable toys and same vibrator for my clitoris. In sex, my orgasms tend to be all about the in-and-out of a good penis-in-vagina pounding, but that is really difficult for me to achieve when masturbating. So, for solo sessions, I tend to grab the same toys and just provide stimulation to my nerve endings while I fantasize some scenario, until the combined genital stimulation and fantasy brings me to climax.

I said that I tend to use the same toys for masturbation. I have a particular dildo (technically a butt plug) that I use for my cunt. It is short but broad enough to give a nice filling sensation while staying in place, without going in deeply enough to provoke a cramp.

That Saturday evening, hours after SwingBot had used his cock and two toys (all larger than my regular plug), the plug felt almost painfully large. My cunt was really tight, squeezing hard. I had to take care to keep the toy inside, after the struggle to get it in.

This has happened to me plenty of times. I am not much of a size queen, but SwingBot is. He likes huge toys for both of us, and he has managed — with a lot of work — to get some surprisingly big toys inside me.

I know some men fear sex toys for women, especially large dildos. These men feel that a woman cannot be satisfied by their penises if the women enjoy the dildos.

I cannot speak for all women, but these fears strike me as silly. Aside from the fact a man has way more to offer than just a phallus (and if his penis is all a man has to offer as a sex partner, then he needs to learn to improve his game), large sex toys do not turn my vagina into a huge, gaping hole that feels nothing. No, instead, when I have been well worked with sex toys, my vagina actually seems to clutch even more tightly. Even a single finger can feel enormous.

As I said, I do not know whether this works for other women, but I would not be surprised if it does. Do not fear dildos, men. Used properly, they can greatly enhance the sexual experience… and make your partner crave your cock even more.