Drawing Porn

I know. It has been literally years since I last made a WeekBiWeek post. I still have not answered my old questions of just how much of my real-life self I should connect to WeekBiWeek, nor resolved my issue of balancing all the various projects I want to manage.

Still, a current project brought WeekBiWeek to the forefront of my mind more than it has been in a while. I am sketching the thumbnail page layouts of a porn comic. I have written a few porn scripts before. Heck, the very first full story I wrote for what has since been a “clean” comic for many years was a story of a previously-straight woman having sex with another woman for the first time. Come to think of it, many of my stories feature previously-straight characters enjoying “first time” same-sex experiences. I think I have a fetish, there.

Anyway, I am finally actually drawing a porn comic. 42 years old, making comics for 16 years, and just now getting around to drawing my first porn comic. Late bloomer, anyone?

Drawing the porn comic has brought forth some interesting challenges. This may surprise you, Dear Reader, but I generally do not look at porn much. Nor do I read it much. Most of the porn I consume is from my own imagination… with the exception of porn comics. I do like a good porn comic. That qualifier of “good” means I still do not consume a lot of porn; most porn comics are not remotely good.

Anyway..! I now am drawing porn. This means I spend hours at a time focusing on my fantasy narrative while trying to provide it visuals. My fantasy narrative… which is written out of my sexual fantasies… Yes, regular masturbation during this project is a thing, thank you for asking.

Wow, this was all just to explain why I was finally dusting off WeekBiWeek after so many years. I had a completely different topic in mind when I started this, but wanted to acknowledge the years-long silence before launching straight into my discussion about sex toys. For the sake of brevity, I shall save that for next Monday.