The Future of WeekBiWeek

WeekBiWeek has not been updating lately. Despite my previous plans — and some posts that have been partially-written WIPs since 2014 — I simply have not come back to it. This is mainly due to two big reasons.

1. The newness is gone.

WeekBiWeek began in 2011, when SwingBot and I started exploring swinging and D/s. We had discussed opening our sexual relationship to others in the previous two years, and had been playing with toys and bondage for our entire relationship. Swinging and more intricate BDSM opened new doors, encouraged new questions, introduced new people and ideas…

There were so many new details, I wanted to document them so I could process them. Over the past five years, we have found some comfort zones, established routines, and, overall, have just not introduced much anything new lately.

I know a common cliche for previously monogamous couples is to create so many rules or limitations that they never get to do anything. This is not our dilemma. Currently, we just have other things that demand our attention. We established communication groundwork. We do have some rules, yes, but those do not prevent us from engaging with others. Our options are open, when we want to seize them. We just have not been seizing them, because other projects command our attention.

However, I often cannot share those other projects because…

2. WeekBiWeek is semi-anonymous: private enough that I cannot share details that reveal my public life, but not private enough that I feel comfortable being fully candid.

Previous WeekBiWeek entries include graphic and intimate descriptions of sexual acts. The blog follows my thoughts and feelings about trying sex acts and kink. These are not topics that mesh well with polite society. Ideally, a person who randomly visits WeekBiWeek should not be able to connect it back to my real name and public life.

To aid that goal, I partially censor my content. I avoid using names or create pseudonyms. I eliminate certain details. I do not post photographs and rarely post drawings. I try to avoid sharing things that would connect this blog to the rest of my life, which severely limits what I feel comfortable saying here.

From the other side, though, this blog is known by some who do know me, so is not entirely anonymous. I cannot candidly gripe about a person, lest that person read and feel attacked. I cannot candidly gush about a new person, in case those in my life feel uncomfortable with the focus. Those who know me might feel slighted when not included in posts, or feel offended when mentioned in posts.

So, I do not feel comfortable connecting this blog with the rest of my life, and I do not feel comfortable fully exploring the topics I allow this blog to explore. Since this is supposed to be a documentation of my personal experiences, what can I share here?

Frankly, I do not know the future of WeekBiWeek.

Among my current priorities, WeekBiWeek just does not rank that high. I do not want to focus a lot of effort right now into the personal-but-not-private tightrope that this blog has become. However, I do not want to remove it, either.

I know what it is like to stumble across someone’s post about something not often shared, but that resonates, and feel a certain sense of relief, of “It’s not just me.” I think WeekBiWeek might do that for someone, and I think that is a good thing. So, I do not want to delete those posts about double penetration or doubting whether I am “dominant enough.”

However, those same posts are why I do not connect WeekBiWeek with the rest of my life. People knowing that I can date other people is one thing; people knowing which and how many of my orifices were filled on a given night is another thing altogether.

Will I post again? I am sure of it. Will it be soon? Maybe, maybe not. Will the blog see a regular update schedule again in the near future? I can almost guarantee not, not until I know where WeekBiWeek fits within my life.

For now, though, know that WeekBiWeek is not going away anytime soon, but is also not likely to see a lot of frequent posts in the near future.

Thanks for reading!