Eros Events

Back in March, SwingBot and I went to a sex club… and actually stayed for the party for our first time!

I originally meant to post this back in March, when it happened, but I did not. So, for continuity’s sake, please note that this trip to Eros Events took place before we attended Club Sapphire in May. I do not think that impacts the details here, but it might clarify any mentions of “first time doing something at a sex club.”

Also, we returned to Eros Events once. The following are interesting points I remember from our first visit.


The facility itself seems pleasantly rustic.  The restroom situation (three toilets total, including one people also use as a dressing room and a second in an open-access shower room) leaves much to be desired, but I like that there is a clothes-required/no-sex area, and that the rest is all for play.  SwingBot and I agreed that we would like to return at least to use the pool. (We did return once, so far, and did swim in the pool.)


We were again reminded that we do not really share the standard swinger mindset.  Even as the woman running the orientation bragged about how the space is designed to give women “a safe place” and “power,” I thought, “Within the confines of catering to heterosexual male preference.”  All the “sexy” decor features — by suggestion or explicitly — naked woman, with no similar exploitations of men’s bodies.  There is a table with a huge pile of girlie mags while including nothing like a Playgirl.  Some men dressed nicely, but none dressed in any kind of equivalent to the prevalence of lingerie I saw on women.  Again, this is the standard swinger mindset, but SwingBot and I agree that we generally feel more comfortable at the CSPC, which is not a swingers club, but instead more open to a wider range of sexual expressions.


Speaking of “swinger culture” versus “kink culture”…  Hilarious moment!  One male regular/volunteer (or staff?) gave us both a laugh.  He owns a Sybian, which is a mountable vibrator — that costs over $1,500! — and he lets women ride it. (He made no mention of letting men ride it, and we did not ask, because we can guess the answer.)  We went to check it out, since we are both curious about the Sybian, but the price point is prohibitive for a “just curious” purchase, even for SwingBot’s spending impulses.  I lingered quite a while, even after another woman (a regular) gave us a live demonstration.  We were alone with Mr. Sybian when an attractive lone woman joined us in asking about the toy.

Miss Sexy-Goth almost felt like swinger bait; she embodied so many cliches of what swingers typically seek.  Hot body, in clothes too sexy to be street clothes while technically not lingerie, young (I guessed mid-twenties), and oh-so new and curious!  She said that she has always wanted to attend Eros Events, but none of her former boyfriends would ever take her, so she came alone.  Could one woman fill any more Unicorn Hunter checkboxes? I wondered why she did not have a stream of eager couples and single men following her.

Anyway, she asked about different clubs and Mr. Sybian authoritatively explained to the Li’l Lady about what New Horizons had been like, what Club Sapphire (which we later visited in May) is like, and how Eros Events compares.  She asked if there was a site that discussed them all.  He mentioned SwingLifeStyle, for its forums.  I mentioned FetLife, for its forums.

Here, finally, is the funny part.

Mr. Sybian immediately advised Miss Sexy-Goth that she would not want FetLife; that is for kinky people.  He then generously acknowledged that she might find it interesting if she wanted to know about bondage or threesomes.

Dude, we are all at a sex club.  You demonstrate your very specialized — and expensive — sex toy to strange women.  Is this not kinky?  And threesomes are kinky?  We were at a gang bang night.  Outside of the designated gang bang room, I passed at least one threesome (two men and one woman) just to get to the Sybian demonstration!

That was not the last laugh with Mr. Sybian, either.  The following is not the laugh, though.


We left the Sybian, but eventually returned, because I wanted to try it.  When we returned, the room was empty, save for Mr. Sybian!  Sweet!  But then he got pulled away for something.  He promised to return shortly.  In that time, a wave of new couples (and I do mean new; they were with us in the new members orientation) flooded the room.  They all wanted to know about the Sybian, too.  That was uncomfortable and unfortunate timing.  What made it bad, though, was that they ignored the “no means no” rule.

When Mr. Sybian returned and was surprised that he had an audience, he offered to discuss his device.  The group, which had been laughing and talking, suddenly went shy.  They then decided to offer up who would demonstrate.  They primarily targeted me, since I had been there first.  I had already told them “no” before, but found myself having to repeatedly tell people “no.”  One woman finally decided to show off and strut her stuff, and the crowd made me only more glad that I had not, and made me realize that I could not try the toy while they were around, even if the privacy curtain (optional) was closed.  They talked, they joked, they killed the mood, as far as I was concerned.  They still seemed to consider me the best target for when there was a “next” moment.  I left the room kind of grumpily.


We eventually returned to Mr. Sybian and toy again.  The room was not empty, but the occupants were… occupied.  🙂  We pulled the privacy curtain and I tried the toy.  It is nice.  I am not sure it is thousands-of-dollars nice, but I see the appeal.  Mr. Sybian is a gentleman, but he does enjoy some advantage of his position as Pleasure Provider, flirting with his riders.  (SwingBot and I suspect he probably gets a number of blowjobs from running his toy.)  Now, I do not mind the flirting; honestly, I was interested in Mr. Sybian before I knew about his toy, because he is quite attractive.  However, our tastes sure do not mesh.  🙂

The toy definitely got my engine revved, but that does not translate into me becoming a complacent submissive.  Mr. Sybian gave me one of his hands to hold while I rode the toy.  I warned him that I would probably claw him and SwingBot warned him that I can break stress balls, but he said it would be fine.  He never said, “Ow,” but SwingBot tells me that, after I let go, Mr. Sybian did need to stretch his fingers a bit.  🙂  So, while riding the toy, I gripped his hand tightly and clawed at the hand rest he provides.  Mr. Sybian leaned forward and reminded me of some of the things he did for previous riders, like nipple-stroking.  I growled something like, “I want to bite and claw you.”  He pulled back pretty quickly from that.  🙂

It was not intended as a back-off threat; I did want to bite and claw.  I was really horny, and feeling aggressive.

Again, I do not fit well in swinger culture, where women might “be in control,” but not in any sense are women dominant.

Surprisingly Hot

After I dismounted the Sybian, SwingBot and I went to one of the open mattresses in the room.  We stripped and I rode SwingBot to climax… a climax I am impressed SwingBot could achieve in the situation.  I faced a wall, so did not see what SwingBot saw, which was that some of the room’s occupants watched us.


SwingBot keeps saying, “We are officially the kind of people who have sex at sex clubs.”