Sex Clubs We Visited

SwingBot and I attended a fourth sex club this past Friday. I have not been identifying the locations by name in the past, but I think I shall start doing so now, and recap where we have been.

The first place we attended, back in 2011, was New Horizons. We were quite impressed by the facility and staffing, but chose to not stay after orientation. Due to the long commute, we never did return, though we often discussed it. However, it since closed (the owners retired), so that is no longer an option.

In 2013 (and possibly 2014 or 2015), we visited the CSPC for some kink classes. The facility there is a little less comfortable for us. The key problem is the parking, which is both limited and in an unsafe area. We do prefer the mentality and atmosphere of the CSPC, though. Unlike the other locations listed here, the CSPC (Center for Sex Positive Culture) is not specifically a swinger club; it is a sex club open to many forms of sexual expression. As I have noted before, SwingBot and I do not comfortably fit into the standard swinger mindset. The CSPC encourages a broader definition of acceptable sexuality than swinging’s standard of straight-male-bi-female couples and singles. The CSPC caters to expressions including — but not limited to — heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality (in men as well as women), transgender, D/s, kink, and polyamory.

As with New Horizons, though, the commute to the CSPC is off-putting, so we do not attend classes as often as we would like, and never attended a play party there. We would like to, but a tension-inducing drive — followed by parking in an uncomfortable location — does little to make the two of us feel sexy.

In March of this year, we visited Eros Events. This is another long commute for us, though not as frustrating as those to the now-defunct New Horizons or to the CSPC. We stayed — and played with each other — that first time, and since returned. Scheduling and a now-resolved health problem have been the two key reasons we have not attended lately; we do plan to visit Eros Events again. If for nothing else, we want to swim in a sex club pool again.

This past Friday, we finally visited a place we have been wanting to try for most of this year, if not longer: Club Sapphire. Of the previous three, Club Sapphire is most similar to New Horizons. Both facilities are fancy and designated for swinger play. Club Sapphire had two key attractions for us: location (the commute there is much easier for us than the commute to any of the other locations) and it does have a “Bi-Bi” party on the fourth Friday of each month. At the “Bi-Bi” party, male bisexuality is openly acknowledged and even encouraged. In our limited experience, this is an extreme anomaly within swinging.

This summary of the four different clubs we have visited is already long, so I shall post about our Club Sapphire experience next week. I can say that, of the four, Club Sapphire will probably see us most often.