Double Vaginal Penetration

April has been a surprising month for me, sexually speaking. Specifically, I have been surprised by how much my cunt can stretch.

Early on in our play with him, BG suggested double vaginal penetration. Actually, he mentioned it as an interest even before we started playing. While it was not the first time I heard of the concept, it was certainly the first time I heard of it outside of a porn context. I deemed it physically impossible for me.

Horny people try crazy things, though. Over the years, our play has included the occasional test, such as BG sticking a finger inside my cunt while SwingBot fucked me. Generally, that hurt, rather than felt hot. I think we once managed to get a smaller dildo inside me with a cock, though I also think that was for only a brief — and uncomfortable — moment. While performing oral sex on me, BG often tests whether he can fist me. His hand (which is small or small-medium by adult male standards, I think) has never quite gotten past the broad section, the knuckles, but he has managed all fingers. When he does that, I often feel like inside me would enjoy the fullness from his hand, but the outside just cannot manage to stretch far enough.

Now, my new and surprising stretchiness is lasting longer than I expected. SwingBot really enjoys it and happily explores the options. He loves using the large toys on me. I never thought it possible, but we managed it with SwingBot’s cock and a large toy: double vaginal penetration.

SwingBot inserted the smallest of the NiteStix dildos (which, at 10″ long with a 5″ circumference, is still no small toy) into my cunt and then joined it with his cock. Yes, we did manage double vaginal penetration. We managed it with SwingBot’s cock — which is plenty filling to me on its own — and a toy that, before this month, was too large to be anything but a joke.

The next day, SwingBot went sex toy shopping. He bought two new dildos: one 2″ in diameter (over 6.25″ in circumference) and one 2.25″ in diameter (over 7″ in circumference). Yes, we have used a toy with a circumference of over 7″ in me.