VixenAire Mustang

SwingBot and I both enjoy when I peg him, and both feel I do not do it enough. We recently discovered a toy that reinforces our desire to do it more often: the VixenAire Mustang by Vixen Creations.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Vixen Creations, beyond my spouse buying some of their very fun toys. If a vendor (or anyone else) ever sends me a product to review (and I actually review it), then I shall be sure to say so. 🙂

A month or two (or longer) back, SwingBot bought a new strap-on dildo, the VixenAire Mustang. We tried it back when he got it, and his response was truly amazing. Pegging him is fun, but his reactions to that toy were wonderfully intense, and I have been wanting to use it again.

We spent the last week of March / first week of April truly horny and exploring sex. One evening, we decided some pegging was in order. I donned the Joque Spareparts harness with the VixenAire Mustang dildo. As I said before, we had only used that dildo once before, to very positive effect, and were eager to try it again.

We put a bubblegum-flavored condom on the toy and SwingBot sucked my cock for a while. When receiving physical stimulation, I generally cannot watch very well. For example, I do not generally watch when I receive cunnilingus or masturbation. Receiving fellatio makes a fascinating change of pace, since, for me, it is a highly visual (and mental) experience, rather than a physical one.

Watching SwingBot lie on his back and suck my cock is hot.

We rolled him onto his stomach, ass up. I asked whether we should opt for a warm-up toy, but he seemed happy to go straight for pegging. So, after applying some lube, I entered him and fucked him with my VixenAire Mustang cock.

The VixenAire Mustang is a soft and bendy toy, but with enough stiffness to perform. It has some “give,” so that its girth inflates slightly when the toy is compressed. That inflation apparently feels fantastic to SwingBot; he loves it. He moaned in pleasure, ground back against me, and really displayed his enjoyment. I thrust into him, often fast and hard, but sometimes more slowly. I shifted my stance one way, and his moans told me that the change was appreciated. I shifted another, for another warmly received adjustment.

He came, and I pushed a few final, aggressive thrusts. Though I tend to like my cunt filled (the Share double-ended dildo is my current personal favorite for that), I know I orgasmed a few times from observing SwingBot’s enjoyment. I think combining an insertable toy for me with the VixenAire Mustang in the Joque Spareparts harness would be… well worth trying. 🙂

We definitely need to use that again soon.