The size of phallus my body craves — or can take — sometimes varies. Apparently, sometimes, the best way to become stretchy and able to accept a lot of girth and length is to go without for a while, building up my sexual frustration.

The second half of March 2016 became an exercise in sexual frustration for me. Many unrelated events combined together to create a great deal of sexual frustration — and consequently horniness — for me. I ended the month by attending Norwescon, a local convention, and staying in a hotel room on my own for the four days and three nights. While “everyone knows what happens at conventions,” I did nothing like that.

So, by the time I returned home from Norwescon on that Sunday afternoon, I had many plans for sex with SwingBot. I wanted to bind him and use our amazing new dildo (for which I plan to write a review). I wanted use floggers on him… gags, blindfolds, collars, leashes! I wanted to perform 69+1 with SwingBot and BG. I wanted double penetration with SwingBot and BG. My strongest, most immediate desire was for SwingBot to use toys in my cunt while I sucked his cock, and then for him to replace the toys with his cock and fuck me to shared climax.

I had talked to SwingBot the night before, and he had prepared our bedroom for play for my return. As he showered for sex and I lay waiting on our bed, I enjoyed the darkened lighting and ready access to our toys. Then I got impatiently curious about how much girth my eager cunt could take.

I figured I would start with the largest toy I could recall ever accepting, the Falcon ManRammer. This has 8″ insertable with up to 5.5″ circumference. I honestly expected the toy would be too large, or be as big as I could handle. I do not know how deep I got the dildo, but the 5.5″ circumference seemed — impossibly — easy to insert. Wait, what? o.O

(For fun reference, my wrist’s circumference is 5.75″.)

Though too big for frequent use, the ManRammer is still not the largest toy in our collection. We also have a set of three TitanMen NiteStix dildos, all too big for anything other than playful jokes. Even the ManRammer is joked about far more often than it is used.

I selected the largest NiteStix dildo. This toy is 15″ long and has ball on its end with a nearly 6″ circumference. The girth of the stick is a little smaller than that of the ball. I assumed there was no way my cunt could take the dildo; I figured how much I failed would tell me whether to try the middle NiteStix or the smallest. However… the 6″ circumference toy fit. I simply lay on the bed, amazed by what my body had managed.

(I did mention that my wrist’s circumference is 5.75″, right?)

SwingBot came out of the shower to find me splayed on the bed, the NiteStix sticking out of my cunt. He was impressed… and aroused. He joined me on our bed and manipulated the largest NiteStix in me, and it went further in… surprisingly deep. “You took that like a pro,” he described.

SwingBot has a distention fetish. He likes porn that features an inserted toy or penis noticeably protruding from the recipient’s body. This requires both a fairly slim body and a really large phallus. I have been amazed, impressed, and sometimes disturbed by some of the distention scenes he has shared. People’s bodies can stretch in incredible ways.

Mine did that evening. A hand on my abdomen could feel the NiteStix protruding out slightly. We could even see it form a bump on my abdomen. Were I thinner, we would have seen more definition than just a slight bump, I suspect. SwingBot really liked that and we were both quite surprised. I am still surprised that I enjoyed the fullness, and did not feel intense discomfort.

SwingBot manipulated the NiteStix dildo for a while, until we apparently shared a telepathic thought; he asked just as I was thinking. 🙂 We rolled me onto my stomach and he fucked my ass while we kept the toy anchored into my cunt. I did squeeze it so hard that it fell out a couple times, and putting it back in was always impressive. I normally need anal sex to be fairly gentle, but demanded that he fuck me hard that day.

I still marvel that I was not torn — or even particularly sore — after that intense session. Even more, I marvel that we managed additional stretchy sessions; I assumed that it would have been a once-in-a-blue-moon instance. Those additional sessions deserve their own posts later.