A Better Crush, But Still…

Good News

SwingBot and KOH_HCl approve of the object of my latest crush… so much that SwingBot has teased me about cluing in said object about my crush.

Bad News

I have a new crush… on someone I already value as a friend… who would probably flee like a timid forest creature if he learned of this development.

Right. Time to make an effort to meet someone new.

Sweet Closure

As I recently noted, I had a close brush a very unhealthy relationship. More accurately, I actively sought what would have been a bad relationship with a man I call CollegeCrush. Even knowing he had become a people-user, even having no respect for his values, even no longer finding him particularly handsome, I felt addicted to him. Only he could extinguish the torch I carried for him.

Fortunately, he did.

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Flaming Is The New Closeted

Guest entry by SwingBot.

So, I have this side-job that I work on the weekends, in a field that is closely related to my primary hobby. Working this job pretty much IS my hobby, except now I get paid to do it. That’s pretty cool and all, but it does mean that I have co-workers who aren’t exactly in my inner circle of friends. Don’t get me wrong; they’re great guys! But they know nothing about this blog or my participation with any of the topics discussed herein. It’s not that it’s a secret, per se; it’s just that it’s not any of their business, and they would be… what’s the word? Oh, yeah, “horrified”… they’d be horrified to know that I’m not as straight-and-narrow as they are.

Which brings me to this amusing series of conversations last weekend!

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