Competitive Gang-Bang

SwingBot, KOH_HCl, and I all share at least one sexual fantasy: all three of us would like to see me be the center of a gang-bang at some point. As part of the fantasy, my being on the center does not mean that I am the only one who receives, though.

Lately when I masturbate, I frequently need to fantasize about not only being with multiple male partners, but those male partners playing with each other. It is often not the vision of me being fucked that puts me over the edge, but the vision of one (or more) of the men fucking me also being fucked himself that does it. I wonder if this is analogous to men watching porn of one man and two or more women.

I have told SwingBot about this, and he has shared a fantasy of his own. He would like me to be in the center of a gang-bang… while he is the center of one directly next to me. We would each be strapped open and available, to be satisfied by as many as we can handle.

Assuming we ever actually attend a sex party where that kind of thing would be possible — and someone I trust (a.k.a. KOH_HCl) would be willing to monitor us for comfort and ensuring that the penises wear condoms — I think that would be quite enjoyable indeed.

In the mean time, it makes for a nice fantasy.