Gay Avengers

As a break from my ranting, enjoy some fun news.

First, Straight Guy Starts Harassing Girl At Gay Club. What Happens Next Is Priceless. File this under “homophobic straight men fear gay men because they think gay men will treat straight men the way straight men treat women.” I shall not say more because I do not want to spoil it further; go read the story.

Second is an article BG sent me. I admit this story kind of puzzles me, but overall does make me smile. Controversial Texas Restaurant Becoming A “Highly Rated” Gay Bar. Quick summary: A restaurant’s waitress told a same-sex couple to not return, employing a homophobic slur as she did. In retaliation, the LGBT community used on-line reviews to rate the place highly as an LGBT-friendly location, attracting the restaurant LGBT-friendly business.

On the one hand, it is a pretty nifty way to “kill with kindness.” Rather than express anger and get ugly, the LGBT community decided to shower the restaurant with praise and business. This both makes the LGBT community the more charitable side, and forces the restaurant to either become more accepting or get uglier and possibly do something that would be much worse for business.

On the other hand… “You hate us, so we’re going to force lots of money on you! Take that!”

SwingBot and I did particularly love this bit from the article:

“Cathie Adams President of the Texas Eagle Forum says she’s disgusted by the protest.”


“She say she would never broadcast her personal life in public. ‘As one who has been married for 45 years to my husband, I don’t think that it’s my role to stand in the street corner and start talking about the style of private life my husband and I have.'”

As SwingBot translated:

“I would never broadcast my heterosexual personal life in public. I would never tell everyone how I have been heterosexually married for 45 heterosexual years to my heterosexual husband heterosexually.”

BG offered possibly the best wish one could make for a person:

“Let’s all hope the rest of her days are as nice as she is.”