Hating Bisexuals

Huh. I just realized that hating bisexuals is an extension of misogyny and phallic worship.

“Exsqueeze me?” you ask incredulously. It may seem odd, but follow me for a moment. Please excuse the sweeping generalizations and crude stereotypes along the path.

Straight women and straight men hate bisexual men, while gay men regard them condescendingly. Why? All three groups assume that the bisexual man is really gay.

  • Straight Woman: “Why should I have a relationship with you? You’ll just leave me for some man in a few years.”
  • Straight Man: “Faggot.”
  • Gay Man: “Oh, you’re gay; you just haven’t fully admitted it yet.”

Meanwhile, straight women and lesbians hate bisexual women, while straight men consider them playthings. Why? All three groups assume that the bisexual woman is really straight.

  • Straight Woman: “Bitch, you’re just doing it to please men.”
  • Lesbian: “Bitch, you just want to use me to please your man.”
  • Straight Man: “Threesome! Your best friend’s pretty hot, so go invite her.”

Both the bisexual man and the bisexual woman are assumed to truly prefer men over women. In the case of bisexual men, they are gay and not fully out of the closet. In the case of bisexual women, they are straight, but willing to play to straight men’s fantasies. Those judging assume that men are preferable to women… that the cock is superior to the cunt.