No Vasec PlsKThx

SwingBot learned the hard way that one of the sites we use, SLS, has a chat function… and its default setting is On.

CreepyMan*: hi

SwingBot*: Hi there.

CreepyMan: jr;;p

CreepyMan: hello

CreepyMan: would you be interested in cuming in my wife?

CreepyMan: you there?

SwingBot: Just cumming? Shouldn’t we have sex first, at least?

CreepyMan: funny, yes

CreepyMan: she is not on the pill though, that ok?

SwingBot: That’s what condoms and vasectomies are for.

CreepyMan: you’ve had a vasec?

SwingBot: Yup.

CreepyMan has left IM.

* Names changed to protect the innocent… and the creepy.

The profile also had some wonderful information about how all arrangements had to be on the down low, so the wife would not suspect until she was already there. Sexy. 🙁