Blank Profile for “Discretion”

Some lazy dip (who could not be bothered to fully read my OKCupid profile) sent me a question about SwingBot and me. He asked about SwingBot’s comfort level with polyamory, never bothering to visit SwingBot’s profile and get the information there. Normally, I would have just deleted the message without replying, but I have been trying to answer my messages lately.

So, I told Lazy Dip that SwingBot is not enthusiastic about polyamory, but has an open mind. Also, I noted that Lazy Dip’s OKCupid profile is empty, save for his photograph. Lazy Dip replied, asking whether a threesome would be out of the question, due to SwingBot’s discomfort. (This is explicitly answered in SwingBot’s profile, Lazy Dip!) Lazy Dip added that he feels a blank profile lends an air of mystery.

Needing to meet my Stupid Waste of Time Quotient for the day, I replied again. I said that threesome sex is well within SwingBot’s comfort zone, but an empty profile offers too much “mystery” for me. I wished him well in his searches.

Not taking my apparently subtle hint, Lazy Dip wrote again! I do not know all that he said this time — since I deleted the message without opening it — but I did see the preview of it, in which he stated that he must be discreet, due to his three-letter-acronym agency employer. Really, Lazy Dip? You are on a dating site, have a profile picture, but expect me to believe that you left your profile empty for “discretion” and “mystery”? Do you think I am as stupid as you are?

I shared the idiocy with SwingBot, who noted that “KFC” is a three-letter-acronym agency, but such “discretion” from its employees is probably not that necessary.