Farewell Old Friend

I am currently in mourning. It must be time to go shopping!

Okay, okay, that was pretty darn dramatic… especially considering what died. Right, not “who,” but “what.” My reliable old pal, my go-to vibrator, the Sinnflut Reality by Fun Factory.

This “death” is hardly a surprise. I have had the toy for ten or eleven years now, I think, and it has been struggling for quite a while. Honestly, it still did not truly “die.” I just could no longer deal with the fact that it could not reliably switch into higher modes, while its ever-weakening motor needed more power to make it a useful vibrator. The last time I tried, it absolutely refused to switch above the second level, which yielded a slight tickle of a vibration. I finally acknowledged that it had to go.

When I previously noted the Sinnflut Reality’s need to retire, my searches for a viable replacement seemed fruitless. I wanted something similar in size, power, and functionality. The toy should be insertable for when I want to use it like a dildo, sufficiently powerful, and preferably rechargeable. Most of the rechargeable toys I found before were so oddly shaped that I could not imagine putting them anywhere near me, never mind inside me.

I was having an off-day while searching, or there are more attractive rechargeable options now. From just a casual search this morning, I already am intrigued by the G4 Elegance Vibrator and the Stronic Eins Thruster (suggested by Suze). I feel optimistic about my chances of finding a good replacement.

Still, I do feel a bit sad. Not only have I had it for a long time, but this vibrator helped me transition into masturbating and using toys, whether with a partner or alone. It was one of the first items in our now impressive sex toy collection. It was the only toy that I kept by the bed, always within arm’s reach. I shall miss it.