Kiss Me While I Cum

With BG below me, I rode his mouth while I sucked his cock. His mouth felt so good to my cunt and I enjoyed licking and stroking his shaft. SwingBot leaned over and joined me; we shared BG’s cock between our mouths.

SwingBot then got himself a toy and lube. As he prepared himself for his intended target, my excitement for things to come made me redouble my efforts on BG’s cock. Not only did I want everything to go smoothly, but the anticipation increased my already high level of horniness. SwingBot handed me the condom and lube, which I applied to BG’s erection with enthusiasm.

SwingBot then straddled BG’s hips and carefully lowered himself down. BG responded to the mounting, thrusting best he could in his pinned position while also continuing his oral attentions to me. I shifted my torso around indecisively as I realized that I was not short enough to stay in place on BG’s face and suck SwingBot’s cock while he rode BG’s. I decided to keep getting cunnilingus while nibbling and licking at SwingBot’s sides.

I stroked SwingBot’s cock while he fucked his ass with BG’s. SwingBot warned us that he would not last long, and I offered encouraging tugs into my rhythm. With his ass and cock both stimulated, he came hard into my hands.

After a clean-up, BG moved to a different position on the bed and I moved onto him. We replaced the condom with a new one and I replaced SwingBot in straddling BG. Spent, SwingBot opted to leave the room as we finished. Before he left, though, he and I kissed. SwingBot kissing me deeply while BG fucked me hard — and while the image of SwingBot riding BG to his own climax fresh in my head — was unbelievably, indescribably, and unforgettably hot.