Sinnflut Reality Replacement

Regrettably, my Sinnflut Reality (by Fun Factory) really should be replaced. It still charges and provides different vibration levels and styles… when I can switch through them. I can still turn on the vibrator, but switching to the next level usually turns it off, and has for well over a year now. Managing to successfully bring the vibrator to the desired setting, rather than switch it off, is random and requires many tries. Fighting with a vibrator does not really encourage a sexy mood for masturbation, and I do not even bother including it for partner play anymore.

Since Fun Factory long ago retired the Sinnflut Reality, I played with our other vibrators to see whether one is a suitable replacement. I used to use the Sinnflut Reality alone, thrusting it in and out of my cunt. However, within the last year or two, I finally have discovered the joy of clitoral orgasms. I used to find direct stimulation to the clitoris painful, but now adore it. My current standard method of masturbating is to insert one vaginal toy (vibrator or dildo), insert one anal dildo, and use the Sinnflut Reality on my clitoris. After I reach the desired orgasm, I might remove the two inserted toys and then fuck my cunt a little with the Sinnflut Reality. So, while I need a new clit vibrator, I would prefer for it to also be phallic and appropriately sized.

Still, I reviewed all our vibrators, whatever their size or shape.

We have another Fun Factory vibrator; its name escapes me, but its line is also retired (not surprising; both of these are nine or ten years old), and this one is a battery charged one. The Sinnflut Reality is rechargeable and more powerful than this other, which takes two AA batteries. I already know that this toy just does not have the power to stimulate me the way I want. It is a nice insertable vibrator and worth keeping in that regard, but is no replacement for my Sinnflut Reality.

Our most recent addition to our extensive toy collection is our first Lelo, the Ina 2, a G-Spot and clit vibrator. SwingBot and I played with this toy after we got it and I liked its power. We had some difficulty getting the clit nub to fit comfortably; it kept pressing hard. I assume additional use and adjustment can get the toy to fit my body properly. It did a great job giving me a G-Spot orgasm… but that is only a warm-up orgasm for me, a “tease” orgasm. I have always preferred depth and find the A-Spot orgasm the most fulfilling. For me, this is a good toy for partner play, as a warm-up for vaginal intercourse. I could not fuck myself with this toy, so that option is out. However, applying the larger, insertable portion to my clit while another toy was in my cunt worked okay. So, that might be good enough.

The We-Vibe II is a small vibrator that is partially inserted during intercourse. The vibrator presses against the woman’s clit and her G-Spot both, and against the man’s penis. SwingBot and I found it uncomfortable with his girth. It worked better with BG, but overall seemed more like a novelty toy than anything else. When I tried it as a possible clit vibrator for masturbating, I wound up mostly rubbing it against my clit and finally tossing it aside and fighting with the Sinnflut Reality until it worked and took care of my needs. So, the We-Vibe II clearly will not work.

I was somewhat surprised to discover that, with all the dildos and bondage gear we have, we have so few vibrators. We have two or three others, but I know that those are not even close to doing the job. Nothing I have is a satisfactory replacement for the Sinnflut Reality.

Do you have a recommendation for a good vibrating dildo to replace my old favorite?