Ow Face

One morning, I stood washing dishes for so long that I failed to notice my left knee lock. (In related news, I really want a service-oriented submissive or slave who might be open to also being a masochist in play.) When I finished and turned around to approach SwingBot, I noticed the stiffness of my knee and muttered a quiet “Ow,” mostly expressing the word through my face. SwingBot surprised me by giving me a light kiss on the lips that seemed to come from nowhere.

“You were making a kissy face,” he explained, giving me a fish-lipped demonstration.

“I was saying ‘ow,'” I replied, repeating my exaggerated complaint.

“And that looks like you’re fishing for a kiss.”

“I’ll take it; I’m not proud. I’ll take a kiss for my sore knee,” I confessed cheerfully.

We stood for a couple minutes, giving each other fish faces and responding with light smooches.

“It’s like sticking your finger into a guppy bowl,” he observed.

We are so sexy.