Foot Fetish And Two Finger Trick

My feet are sex organs. If those do not get me cumming, then two fingers flickering against my G-spot should do it.

Last Tuesday, I wanted to have sex with SwingBot, but I felt vague about what I wanted. I had been thinking about pegging him lately, but was not sure that I specifically wanted to do that then. Feeling undecided but horny, I opted to just say, “Let’s have sex. How precisely, I don’t know, but we’ll figure that out.”

As I took a quick shower, I suddenly knew what I wanted. After he took his shower, we met in the bedroom and I collared him. “You are going to start with my feet, sucking on my toes, then perform cunnilingus — maybe employing fingers — and then move up to my breasts. Then, you will be on your back and I shall first use toys and then fuck you with the Feeldoe in the harness.”

I lay on my back and SwingBot took my freshly cleaned right foot to his mouth. He applied his tongue to my sole and I gasped while arching my back. The sensation was incredible. His mouth paid careful attention to my sole, in between my toes, and my toes. My cunt clenched from the orgasms that he gave me through my foot. It felt so great, and yet my left foot needed attention, too. He switched to that and I continued to writhe and exclaim my approval.

He interrupted the service long enough to get a black latex glove (the black makes them sexy) and some flavored lube. He returned and inserted one finger into my cunt while licking at my clit. That felt fantastic, but paled in comparison to when he inserted a second finger and proceeded to tap them alternately against my G-spot. His “two finger trick” works for me every time. I was tight that evening and would not have readily taken more than two fingers, but two fingers was all it took. I climaxed hard and repeatedly.

That spurred a powerful desire to use toys on him. I started to rise, and, topping a bit, he asked, “Where are you going? I haven’t done your breasts yet.” I yielded to this fact and enjoyed his fingers’ continued attention inside while his mouth worked at my right breast. When he stopped for a break, I gestured that the left needed attention, too. I must have symmetry.

Finally, my need to fuck him became too great. The pleasure he gave me was literally orgasmic, but I wanted to use toys on him. We traded places, so that he lay on his back while I settled between his spread legs with an assortment of toys to my left. I donned the Joque Spareparts harness, got my own black latex glove, lubed up the first toy, and slid that toy inside.

From the first small toy, we built up to the next size, and then to the Feeldoe Slim. After we had that fitting inside SwingBot’s ass, I removed it to fit it into my harness, mounted the bulb end of the toy, and slid the long portion of the dildo back into SwingBot. I fucked him with him on his back for a while, and then he flipped over for Doggie Style. While my hips pounded, my hands gripped where they could, at his shoulders, his back, and his hips.

Since reach-around is difficult for me and I wanted to milk his cock, I removed the Feeldoe from the harness (and me) and settled behind him with the dildo in hand. Much as I love fucking him myself, I also love the view of his fine ass while I manipulate a toy in it. Between stroking his cock with one hand and manually fucking his ass with the dildo with the other hand, I brought him to his one climax… versus my… what number was I on?

Starting with receiving and ending with giving, I really enjoyed that evening.