Once, I never would have dreamed of being fisted. Last week, I nearly managed it.

Within my menstrual cycle, my body has different stages of receptiveness. My PMS includes being remarkably horny and able to take larger and deeper than usual. I can fuck to the point of exhaustion and, while most of my body lies tired and craving sleep, my cunt says, “Nice warmup; when does the party start?” I have mentioned before that, if I ever want to be the focus of a gang bang, during PMS would be the time to do it.

Last Monday, I felt insatiable. I threw SwingBot onto the bed, primed his ass for a suitable toy, and then rode him to orgasm. That felt great, of course, but my body did not say, “That was fulfilling; thank you.” It said, “Good start.” As he cleaned himself of lube and our fluids, I lay back and employed toys on myself. I experimented with my hand, too, and found that I could insert all five fingers. What stopped my hand from entering further was not size, but angle. Adjusting my angle caused my body to be less receptive, so I gave up, fascinated that I had nearly fisted myself.

I told SwingBot, and that inspired him to offer assistance. He got the Falcon Manrammer, a toy we have had for years, but mostly used as a joke-threat, since it is so large (8″ insertable with 5.5″ circumference). However, recent events have made “large” seem less threatening than before and I felt really open that night. He fucked me very well with the toy. Its girth felt satisfyingly filling, but its depth felt somewhat painful. So, we decided to try other toys.

The toys included a shoehorn-like butt plug, a large dilator with a rounded tip from an anal trainer set, and a dildo from Bad Dragon that is so wide, I never would have dreamed of trying it. The shoehorn-like plug felt pretty good in my cunt, though curved a bit too much. The fantasy-creature dildo went in impressively far, and it was not its large girth that was the problem; its pointy end hurt as it hit my cervix. The anal dilator fucked my cunt wonderfully, being broad but not too long. After all the experimenting, I finally felt sated — or at least sufficiently tired — for the night.

(For those wondering, no, we never tried SwingBot’s hands, since those are substantially larger than mine.)

Two nights later, BG and I were resting from our first bout of sex when we discussed the Monday night experiments. BG had fisted two other women before, so was willing to try. His hands are much smaller than SwingBot’s, so I had BG get a glove and lots of lube. My cunt seemed slightly less willing to stretch open than it had on Monday, but he still managed first one finger, then two, then three, then four, and finally all five. They did not enter further than the knuckle, but so many going that far impressed us both.

When we fucked a second time that night, my cunt still managed to grip his cock with tight enthusiasm. It can stretch open and still clench tightly afterwards. I never before appreciated just how stretchy it is.

I think I might have it clench the bulb end of a Feeldoe so I can peg SwingBot tonight.