So Unfair

Last Monday, I bent SwingBot over the spanking sawhorse. I employed the flogger, which we know and trust, but also experimented with the cane (stings and thuds) and slapper crop (just stings). SwingBot prefers the thud sensation, but I did enjoy seeing his butt get pink from the stinging toys. They also seemed to enhance his sensitivity overall.

Once I was done brutalizing his butt cheeks, I opted for his hole. I laid him face-up on the bed and bound his ankles and wrists down, and applied a collar and a blindfold. Pushing his legs apart, I nestled between his thighs with a gloved hand and collection of toys.

I started with the small dildo, as usual, and worked our way to larger toys. My goal was to insert the Elypse Art Vixen dildo (our largest inflatable dildo, not counting the horse cock), inflate it to ensure that it stayed, and ride him to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, the dramatic difference between the shaft of the toy and its deflated bulb was too much; his body simply would not accept the bulb.

He said that the horse cock would work better, which struck me as counterintuitive, but I tried, anyway. It worked; we slowly slid 10.5″ into SwingBot. This was not the inflatable model and I distrusted its ability to stay in place without support, so I stayed where I was and opted to masturbate him to climax instead. The combination of the large toy inside him and my hands stroking his shaft eventually pushed him over the edge and he came hard. It was not quite what I had planned, but certainly a conclusion that leaves me smug and mentally satisfied.

SwingBot protested, “You do that so much better than I do. It is so unfair that someone who doesn’t even have one can masturbate penises so well.”

Later that night, I decided that, while I had been mentally sated, I still wanted a physical orgasm. I did not want a big production, but just to quickly get off. With three toys, I settled for what I figured should be a quick session.

Unfortunately, my body did not feel like accommodating me. While the sensations felt pleasurable, the desired climax stubbornly eluded me. I still struggled for it when SwingBot entered the room and was surprised by the sight. He asked whether he should leave me alone or try to help. I honestly did not know which would be better, and do not recall whether I gave an answer. He settled on the bed beside me and started helping by licking at my nipples and kissing my mouth.

From there, he helped further by first holding the two inserted toys for me, and then moving them. That felt so good, and much better than I can generally manage. Thanks to the poor angle, just holding them inside generally takes a lot of effort for me; this was a big improvement. However, even with the additional stimulation, the orgasm still seemed to say, “Nah, not yet.”

SwingBot and I set the toys aside and he took their place. I stayed on my back and he got above me, rubbing his cock teasingly against my eager cunt. That alone felt so much better and was a promise for more. SwingBot soon fulfilled that promise, sliding his cock deep inside my cunt. I could not even count the number of orgasms that I enjoyed from his pounding. When he finished, I was a limp pool of happy.

When I finally found my legs enough to clean up for bedtime, I griped, “That was so much better than the orgasm I was trying to get. Also, it’s so unfair that you’re so much better at masturbating me than I am.”