Exhausted But Sexy

Last Wednesday, I exhausted myself to the point of being a passive sex partner… but SwingBot and BG did not seem to mind.

The day was hotter than we in the Seattle area generally find comfortable and I pushed myself to do a lot of physical work — ranging from easy to hard — for several hours in that heat. By evening, I felt exhausted, morose, and weak, and I had difficulty supporting my own weight. We enjoyed a light dinner at our home, followed by a sugar-bomb of a dessert, but I still had no strength. Rather than make the bed for playtime, I simply collapsed on it, my legs no longer willing to carry me.

The men found me flopped on the unmade bed. I explained that I just needed a rest and that, yes, I would be happy for sex, but would be a boring rag doll of a partner. They joked and teased a bit, but I felt too tired to care. Then they stripped off my socks and licked at my toes. My body responded with predictable enthusiasm, but I still felt weak. SwingBot suggested that he make the bed, but where to put me?

The men walked me to our spanking sawhorse. I lay across the top padded beam, not bent over it as intended, but my torso stretched along the length. My legs were bent with my feet resting on the lower beams, so that my butt stuck out on one end of the sawhorse while my head rested on the other. As they ensured that I was stable, SwingBot stood in front of me while BG stood behind me.

Opportunist that he is, BG tugged at my pants. I straightened my legs for him to remove them. SwingBot noted that I still wore my underwear, so BG and I repeated the performance for those to go. BG then kneeled behind me and started applying his tongue to me in marvelous ways. That eventually led to him getting a condom and lube, and fucking me in my prone position. Remaining in front of me, SwingBot freed his own cock from his jeans and gave it to my mouth. Supported up by the sawhorse, I enjoyed being the center of the Spitroast.

Apparently, I still am a worthy sex partner, even when I am exhausted to the point of passivity. Also, spanking sawhorses are fun, even when used inappropriately.