Fantasy: With You Bound

Your arms are raised, shackled to the ceiling. You stand upright with your legs apart, immobilized by the spreader bar locked on your ankles. A blindfold covers your eyes and a bit-gag fills your mouth. Reins dangle down your back from the bit-gag, while a leash dangles down your front from the wide collar on your neck.

With you bound, I tug hard enough on the leash to interfere with your balance. I yank forward while moving silently around you, so you are surprised and disoriented when I seize the reins behind you and pull them sharply back.

I abandon the leash for a moment and stand fully behind you, reins in hand. Your exposed back looks invitingly vulnerable and I offer a gentle, affectionate pat on your ass with my empty hand. I pat gently again, and then smack your bare ass hard and yank again on the reins.

I am so pleased with you, so aroused by you. I want to hurt you.

I let the reins fall as I walk away from you, turning to our Kinky Wall of Fun. I briefly ponder toys we have not yet tried, like the cane, but select the tried and true flogger. I swing it slightly a few times as I return to you, reminding right my arm and hand of its weight and movement.

My left hand gathers the reins again. I pull back slightly, though firmly, just enough to make you adjust your balance and come to me. My mouth touches your right shoulder… first my lips kiss it, then open to let my tongue and breath press against your flesh. I set my teeth on your skin and entertain the thought of biting, but decide against it for the moment. I release the reins and push you forward slightly, returning you to your best balance in your current restraints.

I swing the flogger again, this time letting it brush your butt cheeks. The swings are still testing and light… aimless. Then I stand back, angle myself behind you…

The first deliberate thud of the flogger against your butt is still soft… a warm-up pat. The next is very similar, though slightly harder. You have limited means of doing so, but you express a little impatience at these teasing strokes that hardly deserve the term “blows.”

They continue, progressing in strength. I am mentally counting, and I make sure that, by the tenth blow, I use force. Finally, around the fourteenth blow, you react with a satisfying flinch and gasp through the bit-gag. The impact feels good from my end, too, and I know that we found the intensity we will use for the rest of the blows. I told myself that I would count to thirty strokes each side, but I sometimes repeat the same counting number for a few different blows. As I near “thirty,” I add a little more force, intensifying the impact. You jump and struggle with your restraints to object… or thank me.

I stop, still the flogger, come around front, and clutch the leash. Pulling on the leash, I bring your face close to mine. I kiss your cheek, bottom lip, and other cheek, unable to kiss you directly on your forced-open mouth. I release the leash and stroke your hard cock with my hand briefly… but only briefly.

I return to your back and position myself behind you with the flogger in my left hand. You know that I care so much about symmetry, after all; what I did with the right must be repeated with the left. I start gently, light taps against your already tender ass. The blows start to build…