Tongue-Fuck Me

I love vaginal penetration. For me, sex is rarely complete without it. Many acts that do not include it are thrilling teases, making me hornier and more eager. Whether with a toy, a penis, fingers, or a tongue, sensations inside my cunt drive me wild and give me an incredible sense of fulfillment.

Weird as it may seem, I used to not like clitoral stimulation. It was too intense for me… generally painful. I still need it handled carefully, with a well-lubricated touch, but now find attention to my clit exciting and a great way to make me crave penetration.

In cunnilingus, my favorite techniques include combinations. Finger me while licking me. Suck my clit and then tongue-fuck me. Breathe lightly on the inside of my thigh, barely nudge my labia with your lips, before startling me by plunging your face into my crotch. Dance your tongue lightly along my asshole while your nose teases my clit.

I have always loved a good tongue-fucking, though. I lose control and just want to grind hard against my partner’s face. It brings two great things together in sheer perfection: oral attention and vaginal penetration. There are many sexual acts that drive me wild, but yes, I absolutely cannot resist a good tongue-fuck.