Letting Jealousy Have Power

I have been listening to Polyamory Weekly, a podcast by Cunning Minx. She has a great speaking voice and plans her podcasts (too many podcasters just ramble), so I find them enjoyable listening. Also, she discusses matters important to polyamory, which, as she and other poly folk often note, are matters important to any form of relationship.

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Tongue-Fuck Me

I love vaginal penetration. For me, sex is rarely complete without it. Many acts that do not include it are thrilling teases, making me hornier and more eager. Whether with a toy, a penis, fingers, or a tongue, sensations inside my cunt drive me wild and give me an incredible sense of fulfillment.

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Appreciating SwingBot

I have been thinking about my relationship with SwingBot lately. I am not sure that I say this enough, but I consider myself very lucky to be with him. He is clever, fun, and kinky, and I am delighted that I get to call him mine.