Balls Deep

Among our sex toys is a not-life-size horse penis dildo called the Equinox, made by Elypse Art. This toy’s insertable length is 10.5″, plus it has more length for the molded testicles and base. The circumference ranges from 4.5″ to 5″, and the toy’s tip is very flat. The toy is designed to provide a lot of length, and it succeeds. Since we cannot be bothered to remember its name regularly, SwingBot and I call it “The Horse Cock.” We typically refer to it more as a joke or teasing threat than as an actual option for sex toys… but it has been used a few times.

It was used last Thursday night, in fact… all the way up to its molded testicles.

SwingBot was occupied, and I felt the need for a quick sexual release. So, I laid out my routine masturbation supplies and went to the restroom for preparation. When I went into the bedroom, he was lying beside my supplies. I had not counted on an audience, but decided to take the opportunity to show him that particular pulsing orgasm I discovered recently that seems exclusive to when I masturbate.

Unfortunately, that orgasm was not interested in sharing itself. I built up a and was on the edge few times, but the final release stubbornly stayed away. I concluded that my aim was terribly off (a joke on when I miss SwingBot’s anus while wielding toys) and that I should try him instead. I cleaned my toys and had him prepare himself while I laid out an assortment of items that I would use on him.

I started with a finger, since my nails, atypically, were tiny stubs, and less likely to poke or scratch than usual. I next employed the small Bend Over Beginner dildo, and then progressed to the larger one. I next opted for a longer inflatable toy and encouraged him to inflate it to his own satisfaction. During the manipulation of all the toys, I also stroked his cock… one hand on his shaft and one hand at his ass.

He surprised me by requesting the Horse Cock. I had thought about it, but figured that it was simply too much to try. Still, if he asked for it… I wished for a third hand as I tried to maintain a good balance of manipulating the long (and somewhat floppy) toy’s blunt tip into SwingBot’s ass and continually stroking his cock, to keep him receptive. I did eventually manage to get the toy into him, and he surprised me further by requesting that I fuck him with it. I obliged, and we pushed it the full length inside.

That was too much. We pulled out and gave him a rest. Impressively, we did go back to the toy… and yes… all the way inside him again. This time, his body enjoyed it more; his cock became a rock in my hand and he ejaculated hard.

I enjoyed myself, too, of course, though — as I commented to him — I am not sure when I crossed from finding it all sexy to just plain being impressed. SwingBot has been saying, “Balls deep,” (my original report for the depth) at random intervals since.