Bruised Back

On Tuesday night, I went to bed to find SwingBot lying on my side of the bed. He explained that he was warming it for me, but since he was there anyway…

While I rode him in Cowgirl, my chest started hurting. My back was so tight that the knotted muscles were reflecting pain into my chest. We changed positions and were able to reach a satisfactory conclusion, but the fact that my tense back interfered with sex bothered me.

So, when BG came over on Wednesday night, we laid me out the massage table. BG started on my back and SwingBot started on my legs, which had also felt tight recently, and I soaked up the attention. A massage really can make a huge difference. After SwingBot finished my legs, he joined BG on my back, showing different techniques that we learned back when I got professional massage regularly and when we took a couples massage class together. SwingBot’s hands broke knots near my shoulder blades; while my back is still a mess, those were my two key trouble spots. After that, I felt more pain than release from massage, so we progressed to sex.

I stayed relaxed on the table for a while as SwingBot lay back on the bed and BG sucked his cock. Between feeling a bit like human putty and enjoying the sight, I took a while to join them. When I did, I straddled SwingBot’s face and enjoyed his magnificent tongue work between my legs. I leaned over his body and joined BG in sucking SwingBot’s cock. Sometimes we swapped it between our mouths and sometimes we shared it between us. Eventually, BG stood and rubbed his cock against SwingBot’s; I sucked and licked at both at once, all the while still enjoying SwingBot’s mouth on my cunt.

Upon my suggestion, BG got a condom, lube, and toys, and I prepared SwingBot’s ass for a good fuck. I used the toys to open his anus and then BG fucked him. As BG fucked his ass, I sucked SwingBot’s cock. With a little regret, I had to withdraw my body from the great oral SwingBot was giving me to get a better position for my head between his torso and BG’s. I heard BG nearing orgasm at least once, though he held off. SwingBot soon climaxed in my mouth.

As SwingBot recuperated, BG changed condoms and continued fucking, now in my cunt. We all collapsed on the bed after that. After a brief rest, BG started me going again with oral attention to my nether regions. He fucked me, finished, and then SwingBot surprised me by telling BG to get out of the way so that SwingBot could take his turn with me, which he did. I could really get used to this serial sex partner trend.

The next morning, I noticed pain in my back muscles where I had been worked. It did not feel like pulled muscles or tension, but instead like bruising. While my skin shows no bruising, I think that I was massaged to the point that some muscles were bruised. However, the bruising will go away on its own, and my back is relaxed enough to not interfere with sex now.