Manipulate Or Peg

Being able to play with SwingBot’s ass is such a joy, but it brings a delightful quandary: manipulate a toy or peg with a strap-on?

Manipulating a toy is awesome. My hands get to play directly with the toy and his ass, and often with his cock, too. When manipulating a toy, I typically have one hand on the toy and one on his cock. I get to watch his ass and cock respond to what I do with the toy. It takes less preparation than pegging; in fact, it is generally part of the pegging preparation. Bringing him to climax this way is one of the only ways that I enjoy sex without really “needing” vaginal penetration. I sometimes even stay fully dressed when doing this; I enjoy the rush of control and power that I feel.

Pegging with a strap-on is awesome. Now that we have an excellent harness for double-ended dildos, the SpareParts Joque Harness, I can get some vaginal stimulation (and better control and feedback) while pegging his ass. My hips get to thrust and my hands are free to explore his body, stroke his cock, or hold a restraint. I get to watch his body tense under me as I pound him. When I stroke his cock in rhythm to my thrusts, I sometimes feel like I am stroking my own cock; it is the only time that I experience such a gender-play mindset. I enjoy the very real sense of fucking him that this allows.

Pegging generally allows me to do both, since I prepare him for the strap-on dildo by manipulating a dildo (or a couple build-up dildos) first. However, sometimes I really want to bring him to orgasm with a toy in my hands rather than a toy at my hips.

I got to do it all last Wednesday. We started with him on his back, first using small dildos to prepare his ass for the larger and longer strap-on dildo. Next, I bound his wrists and ankles in the stocks, and fucked him with the strap-on. We freed him from the restraints and flipped him onto his stomach for more pegging. (When he suggested flipping over, I made him ask for it with specific wording. That was fun.) We fucked for a while that way, but it started getting more rough than fun for his ass. I pulled out and masturbated his cock for a while. That put me into the mood to try manipulating the dildo again; I suspected that being filled, without being fucked, was what he needed.

I was right. I mostly held the toy in place, though sometimes moved the toy a little, while I rubbed his cock. He reached satisfactory orgasm and I reached self-satisfied smugness. I liked that opportunity to vary the mix of manipulation and pegging a bit, and intend to do more of that in the future.