Many Happy Returns

I was happy to see SwingBot return home last Friday night… and then BG and I both got to be happy to see SwingBot on Saturday.

SwingBot had to travel last week and returned Friday night. He had a long day and seemed pretty tired. I had fantasized all week about reenacting our farewell sex — binding and pegging him — but he seemed so tired and worn that I wanted to let him rest.

Apparently, rest was not what he wanted. After I gave his back a massage and resisted “massaging” other parts, I leaned over the bed to put some things back in order. He took that opportunity to pull down my leggings and panties, get some lube, and give me a nice reunion fuck in Doggie Style. On the one hand, I should quit underestimating his endurance for sex. On the other hand, that was a delightful surprise.

The next day, BG and I went out to meet with a local kinky group. We spent a couple hours with them, while SwingBot continued to recover from his travels and started his weekend. When we returned, we three went out for errands together, and finally returned around early evening. Not having had a threesome for a while, I figured it was a great opportunity to make up for lost time.

SwingBot accommodated by getting out our sex swing. This takes a lot of effort and adjustment, so it not used very often. Still, I managed to get comfortable enough in it, while SwingBot stabilized it with additional straps — to reduce the “swing” portion. I commented, “I went from being a wild swinger to being a moderate swinger.” Meanwhile, BG focused on me, particularly my toes, cunt, and breasts. SwingBot also took brief breaks from the technical side of things to give me some additional attention.

When the swing was starting to feel more uncomfortable than fun, we went for the bed. BG and I opted for 69 and SwingBot opted for +1; I was on top of BG while SwingBot fucked me from behind. Unfortunately, SwingBot started to feel overheated… not in a good way. As open to the air as I had been, I actually felt a bit cold, and BG said that he did not feel unduly hot. SwingBot had to disappear for a while, to take a cooling shower. He returned and decided to take it easy, in case he was coming down with something.

So, we changed plans and I lay on the bed, my butt at the edge so that BG could stand at the side and fuck my cunt. As he progressed, he eventually also climbed onto the bed, more over me, and continued. As I lay and responded to the delightful service that I was getting, SwingBot lay near my head, offering an audience and his proximity.

It was not quite the Spitroast or 69+1 for which I may have hoped, but it was fun to at least be with both at once again.