Wood Versus Electronics

SwingBot was unavailable for last Wednesday’s play date. Since he and I did not find an agreeable set of rules for BG and I to play without SwingBot this time, we canceled the “play” portion. Because BG was in the neighborhood, anyway, he stopped by for dinner and friendly chatter.

When BG arrived, his face bore a very irritated expression. The reason for his being in the neighborhood was to pick up certain wood from a local shop. The shop has been promising this wood that BG needs for a project for some time now, and keeps expecting it “next shipment.” So, he was unhappy.

“It’s strange,” he groused, “that getting wood is so difficult. I could just head to a store and get a high-technology electronic device, but I cannot get wood.”

“That summarizes my night,” I empathized. “Since I cannot get wood, I’ll have to go for electronics.”