Farewell Sex

SwingBot had to travel this week, so we enjoyed some farewell sex before he left.

The night before he left, I was apparently quite horny. First, I masturbated. I was not expecting much from the experience, so was quite surprised by how quickly and easily I just plunged my vibrator inside myself. The immediacy of my first orgasm surprised me, too, as did the very quick follow-up of a second orgasm. I had just figured that I would kill a little time and get myself in the mood for my actual plans!

As for the actual plans… they were for a nice pegging with him bound in stocks… and I got exactly that. I first started with him on his back. I took his cock in my mouth while using a lube shooter to inject lube into his ass. I employed more oral distraction when I inserted the first, smaller toy into him. Since that went well, I switched to the next size up. He was not able to take its full depth, at first, but that eventually was not an issue. I kept that toy in him as I got the stocks.

We first bound his wrists, since they were easier. I chastised him for needing to stretch more as we fit his ankles up by his wrists, making him both bound and open to me. Then I donned my strap-on harness and the double-ended toy. I had pondered making him suck my false cock for a little while before I fucked him with it, but I was in more a “quickie” mood. So, I removed the place-holder toy and went straight for the pegging.

After the dildo was in, I immediately started pounding his ass hard and stroking his cock with my hand. He warned me that he was unlikely to last long, which suited me fine; I was in a “quickie” mood, after all. We still had plenty of thrusts during which to enjoy ourselves before he came… hard.

That gave us each something to think about for the rest of the week. He arrives home tonight; we may need to do something special for the reunion.