FMMMM Fantasy from BG

BG viewed a comment I made about feeling turned off as a challenge, and so shared this fantasy with me. It had its desired effect; I enjoyed it. I hope that you do, too. He gave his permission for me to share it here.

You put your hands on the first man’s chest and position your hips so that the tip of his straining cock is just touching your pussy lips. Then, with your hands on his chest, you lower yourself onto him and let his cock slowly slide up inside of you. Then you start to ride him Cowgirl Style.

Instead of an up-and-down bounce, you grind your hips back and forth. You cum several times, and as you do, so your cunt grips his shaft. The squeezing he feels brings him close and he starts to thrust his hips upward. Six quick pumps and he arches, orgasming inside of you.

You slide up off of his still semi-hard cock and the semen drips out of your cunt onto his abdomen. You then position yourself over the next guy’s cock, and slide onto it.

The first guy’s cum acts as extra lubricant as you ride this guy to 14 or 15 more orgasms. Again, your muscles in your sex squeeze the second man’s member, and he can’t take much before his cock swells, his balls pull up tight against his body. Two more back-and-forth rockings of your hips and you can feel his shaft flex inside of you and then he cums in your cunt, too.

You repeat with the third man, who has a somewhat thicker cock, but the mass of semen in you acts as a very efficient lubricant, and you slide down onto him with little trouble. Moaning, thrusting, grinding, back arching… and you have a third load of cum in your pussy.

Now it’s time for the last guy. I get to be the last guy, of course (my fantasy, after all), so you know you will enjoy starting off with some cunnilingus.

You lower your hips on my face and I can smell the spunk and taste it as I lick your pussy and ass and suck your clit. I don’t imagine you stay there long because you are eager to get to the fucking. The hot part about this stage of the scene is that now the three other guys all team up on you.

But first, they decide to slip their cocks in my mouth (while you ride me like you did the others) to have me clean them off. I can taste and smell your cunt on their cocks as I suck them.

One of the guys enters your ass from behind, so you can feel both his stiff tool and mine within you simultaneously. The second guy is very oral and moves from your breasts, where he sucks your nipples, down to your pudenda, where he licks around your pussy, sucking your clit (and occasionally brushing his tongue along your vaginal opening where my cock enters, and I can feel his tongue tickle me, too). The third guy just wants to get some head, so of course that’s my job, and you get to watch me suck him while you fuck me and get fucked and licked by we other three men.

It’s quite a lot to expect me to hold out long, being stimulated like that, and with the stimulation you’re getting, your cunt just can’t stop squeezing me, making a tight sleeve of flesh for my bare cock to slip back and forth into.

You can feel the orgasm build inside of me as I thrust up into you. My hand movements caressing your thighs become quicker, you can see me suck the third guy’s cock harder as I get closer, and then you feel me arch up inside of you once, twice, and a third time.

A thick, ropy load of semen jets out into your cunt with every thrust.

Then I fall back on the bed, we all disentangle, and you get to be surrounded by four guys as we enjoy the post-coital bliss.