Three Seconds Early

On Monday night, I went to SwingBot and snapped the blue collar around his neck. He stopped what he was doing and went to take a shower. During his shower, I made sure that I had ready access to most of the items that I felt I would want, and then slipped into a crotchless, black, lace body stocking with a low-cut neck. When he came into the bedroom, I greeted him by sitting him on the bed and applying a blindfold.

While he sat on the edge of the bed, I parted his legs and sucked on his cock, taking advantage of its flaccid state to fit it into my mouth. That state did not last long, of course. I rose to kiss him forcefully on the mouth, and then lowered my mouth to his erection again. My hands seized his wrists and held them in place while I continued to lick and suck on his shaft and balls.

I then had him get on all fours on the bed and bound his wrists together. I also bound his ankles, though hobbled them with a tether, rather than keeping them together, since I wanted his legs spread. I used my mouth on his ass in a mix of different ways, sometimes nibbling his cheeks, sometimes kissing them, and sometimes shoving my tongue right into his hole. When he seemed receptive and sensitive, I got the flogger.

The strokes started lightly… soft touches meant to only give a tease of touch. From there, they built gradually, testing whether Swingbot could take the blows. His responses correspondingly built, from no response to satisfying flinch-jumps and grunts. I ran a count of about ten of the harder swings from each side, interrupting them with kisses and tongue on his ass, and included a few extra blows for good measure. At that point, I felt we were both ready for a good fuck.

SwingBot stayed in position while I got lubricant and dildos. His ass was tight, so I started small and slowly. The smaller toy entered with relative ease. The next size up took time entering, but slid in surprisingly easily, considering the initial resistance. I instructed SwingBot, “Hold that,” leaving the dildo in his ass while I got the double-ended dildo that I planned to use.

I lubricated that dildo, gently slid out the place-holder toy, and worked the double-ended dildo, with its longer shaft, inside SwingBot’s ass. This took care, particularly since everything was now slippery with lube. Still, the results of the care paid off as I manipulated the toy in him. We had to adjust his position and lower his ass slightly — and he managed to make it jut out in an even sexier way, making me wish that my hands were clean and had a camera in them — so I could climb aboard, inserting the toy’s bulb into my cunt.

I fucked him like that for a few minutes, but we concluded that I had better control with the harness. So, after a brief interruption of me getting and donning the harness, I returned to fucking him. Indeed, I definitely had more control, and was able to fuck SwingBot’s ass with hard and fast thrusts. My hands, free to explore, grabbed at his back, his neck, and his hips, while my hips swung back and forth, my front smacking into his gorgeous butt cheeks.

I wanted to play with his cock, too, so we stopped to flip him onto his back. Then we hog-tied him, joining his wrists and ankles together. In this pose, he was both alluringly helpless and very open to me. I slipped the toy back inside and fucked him while my hands rubbed his cock.

This pose is very hot to me for many reasons. I have a great view of a my willing partner bound in a sexy pose. The pose makes his body very open and accessible to me. Also, fucking him while masturbating him gives me this sense that I am masturbating my own cock. I think it is similar to when one partner fucks another through the middle man (or woman), the Lucky Pierre. True, it is not genuinely my penis that I am stroking, but my thrusts with the strap-on mix with the strokes of my hand to create the illusion that I am masturbating my own penis. It is the closest that I have ever come to any sense of gender play, and a very interesting experience in that sense.

I wanted to bring SwingBot to climax with my thrusts in his ass and my hand on his cock. When I felt him getting close, I tried to step up the pace and start the long, hard thrusts that signify a man’s orgasm. He made a strangely disappointed whimper just before he came. With all that I had just been doing, disappointment seemed inappropriate, so maybe I had misinterpreted.

No, it was disappointment. After his orgasm, I looked down and saw the dildo pressed up against his ass… outside of him. “You slipped out about three second before I came,” he told me. “Didn’t you hear me tell you?”

Still, the night otherwise went just as I wanted. Bondage, flogging, pegging… a very good night, I think, and one that bears repeating soon.