Las Vegas Hotel Fantasy

This was originally composed in November 2011, but our brief travel recently and coming Las Vegas trip seem to make now a suitable time to post it.

This morning, lying in a strange bed with SwingBot, I envisioned that we were in a hotel bed in Las Vegas. The bed allowed us plenty of room… easily room for a third. So, I imagined one. As I reached out to touch SwingBot’s sleeping form, an imaginary BG pressed up against my back. He nestled his hardening cock between my butt cheeks and slipped his hand into the front of my panties. I ground back slightly in response while caressing SwingBot’s shoulder.

In my fantasy, we three were in a Las Vegas hotel for a swinger convention. That night, we met up with a FM couple and retired back to our room. SwingBot and BG did the wife in Spit-Roast while the husband and I watched and fucked Doggie Style. After all three men came, SwingBot’s tension headache temporarily put him out of commission (Wait, this is a fantasy? Nasty touch of realism there.) and he opted to watch. While BG and the husband recovered, the wife and I played with each other, stroking each other, sucking each other’s breasts, and eventually twisting into 69 on each other, with me on top. Ready again, BG and the husband mounted, BG in my ass and the husband in his wife’s cunt. We fucked like that until the two men came again. At that point, we bid them goodnight and then, SwingBot’s headache gone, he lay on his back and I slipped him inside my cunt to ride him Cowgirl Style. After that final ride, we collapsed for the night.

Back in reality and horny from my long fantasy, I snuggled up against SwingBot and spooned his back. My spooning quickly turned into grinding and bouncing against his ass, plus a reach-around. I imagined a 69+1 that we have not tried yet: SwingBot and BG sucking each other’s cocks while I peg SwingBot’s ass. Still in reality, my grinding inspired SwingBot to get on his back and I climbed aboard, getting a slow and sensual fuck in Cowgirl. I normally prefer hard and fast, but the orgasms from slow and steady can be impressive, too.